Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pics of the new office for my good friend Erin in Texas and anyone else interested in looking!

Nurses Desk
Staff break room
4D ultrasound room
Flat screen TV for easy viewing in 4D room
Regular exam room
Blood draw, blood pressure, and weight room
Waiting room
Front Desk


Erin said...

wow, this is gorgeous! love the space-- thanks for putting them up! and you have 4d?! next time i'm pregnant can i bribe you to give me yet another ultrasound? we're two for two, so can i just make it a tradition?? :)

Cyrena Stewart said...

Love the new office! You delivered my daughter Milee in Jan of '08. We sure had a great experience (even though my pregnancy was rough)! I know you've delivered a ton of babies but you may remember me as the lady who was pregnant with my third, having blood pressure issues, and the hubby was stuck in Iraq. We finally got him home after two times trying through the red cross since I had been hospitalized. We know live in Texas but I miss Utah and your all of the wonderful staff there!! Glad to see things are going so well.