Thursday, May 20, 2010

Post partum blues/Depression

I thought I should touch base on this topic, especially with all the child abuse I am hearing about lately on the news. Postpartum blues is a normal change in women after delivery that comes about due to the sudden drop in hormones at delivery. It generally causes you to be teary and emotional at things that wouldn't normally cause this reaction. The blues usually lasts only 2-3 weeks. If you are feeling this way longer than 3 weeks, or are having negative thoughts towards yourself, or your baby, you may be heading for depression. Unfortunatley, depression robs about 20% of mothers of valuable moments and bonding with their newborn. This type of depression can you leave feeling apathetic, tired, and in some dysfunctional and irrational. Although these can be devastating to your growing family, there is treatment. We frequently use medication and/or counseling in the treatment of depression. It is also important for you to share your struggles with your partner or other family or friends that can help. Sometimes the best thing for you is to have some time for yourself. Make sure you are getting out of the house, getting rest, and getting a little exercise if appropriate to do so. It is also important to note, that if you feel that you cannot handle a crying infant leave them in their crib where they are safe and have someone come help you! Babies cry and although this is frustrating, it is generally not harmful for them. If you have concerns about the crying or other medical problems, call your pediatrician.
I am always happy to talk to you and you can call our office or my cell phone for any concerns. Just know, you are not alone. Many women struggle with this and there is help... just don't be afraid to seek it!

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Kit said...

Do you know of any Midwives who are willing to do home births? It seems like every midwife I find in Ogden works at a hospital.