Thursday, December 17, 2009

Infertility thought.....

So one of my patients re-sparked my interest in infertility. Usually I get caught up in checking for problems that would cause infertility, but for patients out there that we cannot find a good reason for not getting pregnant within 1 year of trying, I have a book suggestion for you. This is only a suggestion and not a substitute for a formal consultation or lab work, but I read this back in midwifery school a few years ago and it does have some good thoughts. The book is called "Getting Pregnant the Natural Way," by Feingold and Gordon. I have it available to borrow at times or you can probably buy it for low cost on amazon.

Good luck!

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Alyson said...

Yay! I've seen that book, but didn't know if it was worth buying. I'll definitely check it out. Thanks!